My passions for stones

I have found one of my passion and it's to create beautiful wire wrapped jewelry using raw gemstones found from the earth. My love of all things shiny started when I was really young. Me and my dad would venture to Banff Alberta to find stones along the river bend. It was a really fond memory which I cherish to this day. Dad bought a rock tumbler and I loved watching them come out shiny and seeing them sparkle, unveiling there beauty from within. Flash forward about 20 years give or take and my collection has grown substantially. I go to any and all gem shows I can find and love finding one of a kind crystals that I can wrap up with wire and make into jewelry for others to enjoy. 

The healing aspect of stones came to me later on in my journey. I was learning a bit about the metaphysical properties of stones with help from Judy Hall and the Crystal Bible a friend had given me. It is one of the most popular books out there for metaphysical information surrounding stones. I wasn't fully convinced and hadn't had a strong connection with a crystal as of yet.

I was in Mexico vacationing with my friends when I came across a man selling stones on the side of the road. He was very wise and we had many conversations that trip and I would go see him and talk with him everyday about stones. I ended up giving him my beloved book so he could learn the finer details of the energy of healing stones. He was so happy I gave him that book he couldn't stop thanking me. He knew there was power within stones as the came from the earth and was thrilled to learn more about them. Our connection was very meaningful and felt more than just coincidence.

One day during my trip I went to a market and bought a tigers eye bracelet. I went to read the meaning of the crystal and it was the exact words of encouragement I needed at that time in my life. I had been struggling with a bit of depression and was looking to find my life purpose as well. My chance meeting with Tony paired with finding this stone resonated so much with me I had officially become a believer in the healing power of gemstones. 

Not only are they beautiful works of art naturally created by the earth they also have the power to positively affect your life and offer healing properties. So I hope you will let a crystal into your heart if only for the allure but also to help you on your life path and encourage you in a positive and meaningful way.